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tv   Early Today  NBC  March 23, 2020 3:00am-3:31am PDT

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♪ we're going to get hit, there's no doubt about it. the things that we're seeing in this country, the physical separation, at the same time as we're preventing influx of cases coming in, i think that's going to go a long way to preventing us from becoming an italy. >> dr. anthony fauci shining optimism on the skyrocketing number of coronavirus cases where new york is the epicenter. >> ramping up responses for medical supplies and makeshift
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hospitals. critical equipment in short supply. home deliveries, groceries, supplies and dinner. important information for keeping you and hard-working delivery person safe in self-quarantining. "early today" starts now >> glad you're with us, i'm frances rivera. >> i'm phillip mena. here in the states a battle in the senate rages after critical vote for stimulus package stalls >> a health crisis changing way we live. over 80 million americans on virtual lockdown confirmed cases surged to over 35,000, almost half in new york. more than 400 americans have died eight states issued state at home orders, california, new york, new jersey, ohio,
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connecticut, louisiana any nonessential businesses found open could be fined. >> as the situation at hospitals grows dire, 3m company plans to send half a million face masks breaking overnight, canada and australia first countries to pull out of the olympics will not send athletes to tokyo if the games are not delayed by the pandemic japanese prime minister shinzo abe is considering postponing but not canceling. rosie o'donnell brought back her show for one time only over $500,000 was raised for the actors fund. singer rihanna is contributing
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to coronavirus relief organizations. >> best buy stores are shifting to curb side pickup as more customers are looking for home office equipment, stepping up customer service to unprecedented level to keep you in your car. tito's vodka is using distillery to make sanitizer. >> as the crisis deepens, hardest hit states like new york are pleading with the federal to send more assistance while the white house insists it is helping. nbc's dan schenamen has the report >> reporter: demand is growing and protective equipment is shrinking. >> we are running low, very low. >> reporter: governors and mayors appealing for more help from washington. >> i believe the federal government should take over that function of contracting and acquiring all the medical supplies that we need. >> reporter: the president
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pushing back >> the federal government has deployed hundreds of tons of supplies from national stockpile to locations with the greatest need. >> reporter: while congressional leaders struggle to agree on package. senator rand paul has tested positive others may have been imposed >> we have five members in self-quarantine. so everybody on your staff's emergency, particularly when it hits close to home >> reporter: news raising the question about senators being allowed to vote remotely. >> i would be totally in favor on a temporary basis >> reporter: ohio and louisiana the latest to ask residents to stay at home quarter of americans sheltering in place not everyone is staying home >> young people still on the beaches thinking this is a
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party, time to grow up, wake up. >> reporter: take social distancing seriously dan schenamen, nbc news. want help easing the burden on health care workers people on the front line are reporting shortages of protective gear. kathy park has the story >> reporter: medical emergency, warn that masks, gowns and gloves are running critically low. >> it does keep me up at night we are running low, very low can't afford to have our health care workers get sick and be out of work. >> reporter: as the crisis deepens, governors are demanding more help and supplies from strategic national stockpile. >> apparently only way to get the president of the united states to pay attention is go on national television and make noise about it which i won't stop doing >> reporter: president responded. >> federal government has deployed hundreds of tons of
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supplies to locations with greatest need. >> reporter: national guard assisting in 50 states in oregon setting up a field hospital as new york calls on fema to do the same. as u.s. cases pass 30,000, third in total cases globally. in south carolina, seven-month-old son was hospitalized with covid-19 >> very scary. haven't tested children or done studies with small babies, we're very nervous >> reporter: ohio and louisiana joining other states asking residents to stay home hawaii taking extraordinary step of requiring all returning residents and visitors to quarantine for 14 days >> give everybody their own personal space >> reporter: life on pause in new york as cases surge. coast-to-coast, leaders stressing everyone take social
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distancing seriously. >> time to grow up, wake up. >> i was in these parks, you would not know that anything was going on it's arrogant, it's self-destructive it's disrespectful to other people and it has to stop and it has to stop now this is not a joke and i am not kidding >> thanks to kathy for that report senate will take another vote on massive stimulus package to curb the impact of coronavirus. after first attempt to pass the plan failed last night president trump tweeted we cannot let the cure be worse than the problem itself. we will make a decision which way we want to go. further complicating negotiations, senator has tested positive for the virus kelly o'donnell has more >> reporter: coronavirus gets personal for the u.s. senate kentucky republican rand paul announced he tested positive
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he's feeling fine and is in quarantine colleagues said paul used the senate gym, attended meetings and a group lunch. senators of both parties question their exposure. >> had lunch with rand, hope he's doing well. >> friend of the president >> he's been a great friend, always there when the country needed him and as you know, he just tested positive >> reporter: paul's diagnosis injects uncertainty in senate's ability to deliver on coronavirus economic relief. only senator to vote against first aid package a few weeks ago. leaders from both parties hunkered down this weekend in negotiations. >> this is a pretty solidly bipartisan proposal. >> reporter: democrats pushing for their priorities. >> workers first, not big
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corporations >> reporter: the broad proposal includes help for small businesses >> you'll get two weeks of cash flow to pay your workers >> reporter: a one-time direct payment to individuals and families based on income >> average direct deposit for a family of four >> reporter: aid for hospitals on the front lines and broad lending authority to bolster the economy. with rand paul testing positive, several senators are in self-quarantine, none available to vote. and first attempt to move this enormous aid package forward failed with all democrats voting against it and democrats say they want to make significant changes all of this leaves the fate of this bill uncertain. >> thanks to kelly o'donnell for that report. as the coronavirus continues to spread, death toll in europe as surged again despite
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lockdowns. more than 13,000 deaths worldwide, 5,000 in italy, most in any country but spain and france not far behind. italy is taking more extreme measures, banning all travel including internally as the u.k. races to pass stricter antivirus laws ali, what is the latest from europe >> horrifying scenes continue to play out in italian hospitals. death toll almost 5,500, highest in the world and italy has about 60,000 positive cases it is already a country in strict lockdown, even more draconian measures are being taken in attempt to slow the spread of the virus. travel within the country has been banned. all nonessential business activity will be suspended and
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situation across europe continues to alarm spain's death toll, 1,720. the health minister said on sunday another 394 people had died in 24 hours government there planning to extend the state of emergency at least another two weeks with police patrols and checkpoints across the country spain has secondworst outbreak in europe after italy. in iran, death toll reached almost 2,000, over 25,000 cases but with lack of testing kits and transparency, there are fears the numbers may be much higher and world leaders are no in germany, angela merkel is in quarantine after doctor who tested her for flu tested positive for coronavirus unclear whether she has it or
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not. china with largest number of confirmed cases but the pandemic there has largely moved on reported in europe more than in china at height of the epidemic. >> sobering statistics, ali arouzi celebrating while keeping a huge distance. huge party planned for 100th birthday but held through window to keep her protected. held um photos and notes and arranged a group video call. what we're doing more and more facetimes, zooms, all of that. >> all goes well, give her big hug for 101st. winter is not over vanes janessa webb, good morning >> we're seeing a big storm
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system, severe weather awareness with storm that will produce snow for northern new england to northeast. bands of moisture making their way across the ohio valley forecasting the potential of 9 to 12 inches for higher 30s. still fairly warm across the deep south into the southeast with highs in the mid-80s. welcome to spring but just not seeing it yet. >> all right thank you. seeing those empty shelves in the coronavirus crisis, toilet paper wiped off the stores one florida man facing felony charge after arrested from stealing precious two ply from
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hotel. stole 66 rolls of toilet paper out of a marriott hotel using a trash bin. authorities say he admitted to crime saying he was doing it for sense of charity for less fortunate. >> said taking to poor family but 66 rolls excessive dude. neil diamond puts a new shine on "sweet caroline". how to stay safe handling packages oaf. like clockwork. do it! run your dishwasher every night with cascade platinum. a load with as few as 8 dishes, is all it takes to save water. an energy star certified dishwasher uses less than four gallons per cycle. while handwashing uses that, every two minutes. so, do it. run your dishwasher every night with cascade platinum. the surprising way to save water.
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warehouse, workers say companies putting them in close proximity to those who could carry covid-19 >> no soap, hand sanitizer, cleaning at all but they're telling us we're essential >> reporter: used to carrying hundreds of packages a day, now at their own risk. had to buy her own sanitizer it's christmas rush plus a health threat. >> end of the day, do you feel safe >> i don't think any of us feel safe >> reporter: companies stress changing policies. ups stating if any employee has symptoms required to seek medical treatment and not come to work. adding vehicles are cleaned and disinfected daily. fedex following suit suspending signatures, promoting social distancing on the job
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doctors say leave it outside for 24 hours if you can. when you bring it in, start with gloves once opened, don't leave the box laying around. toss or recycle immediately. contents, wipedown could bring valuable peace of mind and don't forget a good hand washing >> we know it can survive on surfaces and contact can be a mode of transmission, experts still firmly say main mode is respiratory droplets, not contact. >> reporter: valuable perspective in fight against a virus still relatively unknown still ahead, how to cool off from cabin fever with social distancing and neil diamond cleans up "sweet caroline. to dissolve kitchen grease on contact.
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vicks sinex. breathe on. fast forwarding to monday, president trump expected to lead the coronavirus task force meeting. democratic candidate joe biden plans to broadcast regular briefings on the coronavirus from his home. 11:30 eastern. stock futures plunked as await the economic stimulus. all trading at new york stock exchange will be done electronically due to the outbreak.
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millions of americans spending all their time with their families how to keep the peace? ann thompson has the story >> reporter: cabin fever may be setting in >> i am a child of god what i am not is a home school teacher. >> reporter: whether you have 500 square feet or 5,000, with everyone at home may not be enough ask "the tonight show" jimmy fallon >> rhumba rolled outfront door hasn't come back >> reporter: more empathy for robert kelley, bbc interview that went viral. clinical psy clinical si clinical psychologist. >> everybody loves each other
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but not used to spending this much time together >> reporter: set up dedicated work space, routine, and plenty of breaks. >> this is essentially the work setup. >> reporter: my brother jim, producer with nbc sports has work zones at home he's in loft, high school senior at island, wife lori, middle school teacher >> so much fun family with me >> clear communication, asking for boundaries, helpful to be specific of what you need. >> sounds of trying to work at home >> reporter: social media is outlet and resource. >> full-time working mom of four kids >> reporter: news producer and husband managing four young kids in new york apartment. >> usually don't put all four at table, they often fight. >> reporter: don't take it
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personally, new reality to survive the forced togetherness. ann thompson, nbc news, new york. >> it is tense situation and all the meals to cook and mess to clean up >> whole new
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♪ president trump has activated the national guard in new york, california and washington, and senate is deadlocked in a coronavirus stimulus package as more members are directly impacted by the virus. >> inside look at one of the most in-depth studies of the coronavirus taking place right now that explains why the prickly parts of the virus stab patients' lungs. with supplies running low, take you inside a day in the life of front lines nurses and doctors treating


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